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Master Wang Hai-Jun
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Calligraphed Taiji Fundamentals 
Outdoor practice 

Master Wang Hai-Jun is a teacher and practitioner of Chen style Taiji at the highest level. He was the first non-Chen family student to be traditionally trained in Chen Village in Henan in modern times. His teacher, Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei, is one of the "Four Golden Tigers" of Chen style Taiji.    

Master Wang Hai-Jun currently resides outside Manchester, England. He offers classes and workshops world-wide, and has established a following of students in Asia, Australia, Europe, and the United States. He has to his credit the training of many gold medalists, among both his Chinese and non-Chinese students.       

He generously demonstrates the principles of Taiji, and engages in "hands-on" teaching. Since he is very committed to his students, he makes frequent trips to his various groups, and has established a system whereby "practice leaders" maintain students' momentum between visits. He is a wonderful teacher and a great inspiration, and gives proof of what is possible with the highest quality instruction and diligent practice.  


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Grandmaster Chen Zheng Lei and Students
Master Wang

B & W photos courtesy of Audra Schwalm Photography

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