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Websites of students of Master Wang who teach in the UK:
(True Natural Tai Chi; Andi Mantej; London, England)
(James Langcake Tai Chi; James Langcake; Surrey, UK)
(Jian Taiji; Ian and Janet Murray; Manchester and Stockport, England)
(Chen Tai Chi Huddersfield; Dominique Loncan; Huddersfield, UK)
(Phoenix Feather School of Tai Chi; Anna Dashwood; East Kent, England)
(Surrey and Hants Tai Chi and Qigong; Cherry Collins; Surrey and Hampshire, England)
(Phoenix Rising Tai Chi; Andrea Kocache; East Sussex, UK)


Websites of students of Master Wang who teach in Europe:
(Nick Gudge; Limerick, Ireland)
(Chen Tai Chi Ireland; Niall O’Floinn, Maureen Rabbit, Des Morris, Natalia Krause,
Keith Ryan, Felim Burke and John Cripps; Galway, Ireland)


Websites of students of Master Wang who teach in the United States:
(Chen TaiJi Academy; Marc Gerstein, Leslie Franks, Stan Baker, Kathleen Brenner, Margery Gerard; Springfield, MA, USA)
(Silk Reeling; Stanwood Chang; Boston, MA, USA)
(Open Sky Martial Arts; Steve Kaufmann; Hillsborough, NC, USA)
(Jason Widener; Chapel Hill and Wilmington, NC, USA)
(Foundation Tai Chi; Tony Saladino and Cindy Ashcraft: Atlanta area, GA, USA)
(Jing Ying Institute; Billy Greer; Baltimore, MD, USA)



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