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Master Wang Teaching at the U.K. Camp

Easter, 2017


Easter_2017_1.jpg Easter_2017_2.jpg Easter_2017_3.jpg Easter_2017_4.jpg Easter_2017_5.jpg Easter_2017_6.jpg


Outdoor Practice

June 2016



Photos courtesy of Audra Schwalm Photography



U.S. Cannon Fist Summer Camp Participants

June 2016



Photos courtesy of Audra Schwalm Photography



Master Wang Teaching at the first Chen Zhenglei International Tai Chi Symposium in Chenjiagou

October 2014






Master Wang Teaching at the U.K. Camp

Easter, 2014


UK Easter5UK Easter 3UK Easter 4

UK Easter 2UK Easter



Master Wang Teaching at a U.S. Seminar

March, 2014


US Seminar MarchUS Seminar March 2



China, August, 2013

Master Wang teaching at the 15th International Chen Style Taijiquan Advanced Seminar






Training in Chenjiagou




Top Row, Left : Training in front of Taiji Museum

Top Row, Right : Training at the Chen Taiji Ancestral Temple

Bottom Row, Left: At the location of Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei's old house

Bottom Row, Right: Training in ditch (gou) of Chen Village


Visiting Wu Dang Mountain




Top Row: Students training with Master Wang at Wu Dang Mountain

Bottom Row: Students with medals won in the 7th International Taijiquan Exchange Competition in Jiaozuo, China


Visiting the Great Wall of China






Master Wang teaching at the U.S. Summer Camp

June, 2013





London Seminar with Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei and

Master Wang Hai Jun

May, 2013


Grandmaster Chen Teaching


Master Wang Teaching2013 London Seminar GroupMaster Wang Teaching Punch



Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei visiting London's Chinatown and with Master Wang and his family

May, 2013


London's ChinatownFamily Visit



Master Wang teaching at the UK Taiji Sword Camp

April, 2013


Master Wang Leads Sword


Sword Group


Master Wang Leads Sword 2Sword CorrectionsSword Group 2



Master Wang teaching at the 14th International Chen Style Taijiquan Advanced Seminar, China, August, 2012


Speech TrainingCorrection


Left: Master Wang giving a speech representing all the instructors at the Opening Ceremony

Center: Leading training during the seminar

Right: Refining postures and answering student questions at the seminar



Summer Camps 2012

Irish Seminar Group Week1Irish Seminar Group Week2

Lao Jia Yi Lu Camp - Dublin, Ireland; July 2012


Group LondonLondonGroup

Quan Dao Camp - Dublin, Ireland; June 2012

Everyone smiling happily after hard training!



Master Wang teaching at the 13th International Chen Style Taijiquan Advanced Seminar in Henan Province, China, August, 2011


Teaching 1Teaching 2



Master Wang at Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei's International Seminar on Chen Tai Chi in Los Angeles, CA, March, 2011


LA GroupTeaching 3

Teaching 4Teaching 4



Teaching in China, 2008


Teaching 5Teaching 6



Demonstration by Master Wang

Master Wang 1Master Wang 2Master Wang 3

Master Wang 4Master Wang 5Master Wang 6

Photographs courtesy of Martha Hamblin; taken at Open Sky Aikido & T'ai Chi, Hillsborough, NC; March, 2008



Championships in China

Receiving Trophy 1Receiving Trophy 2 Receiving Trophy 3Receiving Trophy 4

Receiving Trophy 5In Competition 1Receiving Award 6In Competition 2



At Practice

At Practice 1At Practice 2At Practice 3At Practice 4

At Practice 5At Practice 6At Practice 7At Practice 8

At Practice 9At Practice 10At Practice 11At Practice 12

At Practice 13At Practice 14At Practice 15At Practice 16

At Practice 17At Practice 18At Practice 19At Practice 20



The Young Master Wang

Master Wang 11 yearsMaster Wang 15 years

Master Wang at age 11 (left) and age 15 (right)

Photographs courtesy of Master Wang



With Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei

With Grandmaster Chen 1 With Grandmaster Chen 2 With Grandmaster Chen 3 With Grandmaster Chen 4

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