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Master Wang Hai-Jun was born in January, 1972 in Zhengzhou city in Henan province. At the age of nine his father arranged for him to move to Chen Village to live and study with Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei. Each day before school he would train from five to seven thirty in the morning. After school he would train from four until six, frequently training again in the evening for another two hours before going to bed.

In the autumn of 1988, he gained entry to the Wuhan Physical Culture University, one of the top universities of its kind in China. He competed successfully for his university in many competitions. After graduation Master Wang Hai-Jun was assigned to the post of coach of Pingdingshan Wushu Research and Study College. He is a senior state Wushu referee, the president and head coach of Zhengzhou Wushu Research and Study College, and coach of Henan Chen Zhenglei Taiji Culture Co., Ltd. He is an official lineage holder of Chen Style Taiji (12th generation Chen Taiji).

He has an extensive list of accomplishments in competition. In 1992 he won three gold medals in national competition, and won the championship in push-hands at the National Taiji Boxing, Sword and Push-hands Competition. In 1994 he won two gold medals in Taiji boxing and sword at the International Wenxian Taiji Championships, and he won the 80-kilo championship in push-hands at the National Wushu Championships. For three consecutive years, 1996, 1997 and 1998, Master Wang won gold medals in form, sword and push hands as well as the all-around champion's gold medal at the Chinese National Championships - the highest level of competition in China.

Since 1990, Master Wang has been taking his students to top level competitions in Henan province and the Chinese National Championships. His expertise as a teacher is demonstrated by the fact that his students have won more than 30 gold medals at these competitions. Students of his that have won gold medals at the Chinese National Championships include: Fu Nenbin (push hands, 56 kg class), Fu Zihui (push hands, 52 kg class), Yang Lei (push hands, 65 kg class), Zhao Zhifang (push hands, 63 kg class), and Shi Zhenwen (push hands, 52 kg class).

Master Wang has been certified as 7th Duan in the Chinese National Wushu Association Duan Wei System.      


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